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About the Certificate

The Certificate in Celtic Studies is available to students working for a baccalaureate degree in any UW–Madison school or college, as well as to Special Students. The certificate requires at least 18 credits in approved courses, with a grade point average of at least 2.0. With permission of the Celtic studies advisor, up to 12 of those credits may be earned in the UW-Madison study abroad programs at Trinity College Dublin and at the National University of Ireland-Galway, or through other approved programs of study abroad.

Students pursuing the Certificate in Celtic Studies have a range of course options. Most of the core courses are offered by the departments of History and English. Other departments or programs that contribute to the Celtic Studies curriculum include Anthropology, Classics, Folklore, French and Italian, Music, Scandinavian Studies, Sociology, and Women's Studies. Students planning to pursue the certificate should register their names with the Celtic studies advisor and consult with him or her about appropriate courses and their availability.

To enroll in the Certificate Program

Download the Certificate Declaration Form, fill it in, and send or take it to the current Celtic Studies Advisor (see Faculty page). The Advisor will forward the form to the appropriate offices and will send a copy to you for your files.

Download Certificate Declaration Form

To receive the Certificate

The Certificate in Celtic Studies is awarded after a student submits a transcript to the Advisor showing that he/she has completed the required courses. This should be done by personal appointment, if possible. The College of Letters and Science verifies the Advisor’s recommendation.