Celtic Studies

University of Wisconsin-Madison



page from Book of KellsThe Program in Celtic Studies welcomes gifts of any amount from its supporters in the University and the community. Your gift, combined with those of many others, strengthens the education students receive and has a tremendous cumulative positive impact on the Program. Contributions for scholarships and fellowships help students achieve their educational goals. Private gifts often provide the extra support needed to fund faculty chairs and professorships, and allow for the recruitment, retention, and professional development of outstanding teachers and researchers.

Support from generous friends and alumni helps to maintain and increase the margin of excellence in the Celtic Studies Program.Your gift will enhance our understanding of the Celtic past and enliven interest in it among the next generation of students and scholars. Your interest in taking part in the program in this way is greatly appreciated.

If you wish to discuss a possible contribution, please phone, write, or email the current Director of the Celtic Studies Program (see Faculty).  Alternatively, please feel free to get in touch with any of the faculty on our list.